Our Foundation

The BDT Leadership Institute is built upon the foundation of a field of study known as Biomimicry. Our courses invite aspiring leaders to peer into the secret life of bees to learn how the bees teach us each and every day the fundamental basis for effective leadership.

Our team is comprised of beekeepers, experts in leader development, and people wholly passionate about building effective leaders who will be entrusted with our Earth and communities within it for generations to come.

Biomimicry is an approach to innovation that seeks sustainable solutions to human challenges by emulating nature’s time-tested patterns and strategies.
— Biomimicry Institute

Our Why


We created the BDT Institute because we believe in creating experiences for people to fall in love again with the never-ending journey of becoming their best self. We understand that true change and personal growth only occurs when we are placed in situations where we are out of our comfort zone. Most leadership development programs, however, place participants in conference rooms, and board rooms; in other words, in the most comfortable places possible.

At the BDT Institute, leaders dawn a different kind of suit for the week—a beekeeping suit. Their conference room? An apiary and the great outdoors.

Learning how to be an effective leader through the eyes of a beekeeper and a beehive will leave you with not only a new view on leadership, but a new view on stewardship as well. And let’s face it…without being able to lead with a servants heart that cares about the world, and the people within it, we cannot, and will not be effective leaders.

What makes the BDT Institute so special?

The lessons you learn will never leave you. Mother Nature’s reminders and lessons surround you each and every day, but go unnoticed all too often. At the BDT Institute you learn how to sit and listen to the lessons constantly surrounding us in the natural world. Good, effective leaders know how to listen. Good, effective leaders know how to pull inspiration from the most unique places. The bees have gifted us these lessons and we want to share them with you, too.