Building High-Performance Teams

Session context

We live in what is often referred to as the VUCA wold: volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. This creates problems and challenges that cannot be resolved with individuals working alone, but only through trust, cooperation, and collaboration in a high-performing team-based context. Leaders create the conditions for trust and collaboration, the hallmark of truly effective teams.

Fundamentally, teamwork is the ultimate competitive advantage in today’s rapidly changing work context. Leaders need to be well-verse and practiced in effective team building behaviors.

“We challenge employees to ‘think outside the hive’ looking for inspiration in atypical places, like nature, to generate ideas and processes on how to quickly solve and adapt challenges they experience in the workplace.”

Session process
Session will be highly kinetic in design and include:

  • Short content-based lectures to enhance participant readiness for practical experiences, and applications

  • Numerous individual and learning team kinetic activities

  • Video case discussions

  • Takeaway preparation

  • Action planning process for bridging classroom learning to work context

session outcomes
at the end of the session, participants will:

Understand the conditions in which high performance teams are appropriate, if not required.

Understand the key structural element of an effective high-performing team.

Understand the effective team leader behaviors associated with high-performing teams, particularly in he capacity to build trust.

Understand the importance of diversity and inclusion in team development.

Be able to apply team-based concepts to video cases, and to their organizations.

TUITION: $1,500 per person

  • The program fee covers tuition, books, case materials, and meals

  • A 10% group discount will be provided to companies signing up 3 or more teams at once.


  • 1-day immersive leader development facilitated by expert BDT Institute staff and partners

  • Access to BDT Alumni continued-education program opportunities and events

  • Breakfast and Lunch for your team


  • Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina

  • Atlanta, Georgia

    ** BDT can bring courses to your company location anywhere in the continental U.S. for a custom leadership package.