Building effective community & culture

Session context

Leaders, through self-awareness that enables their capacity to build authentic relationships, are focused on building the trust and cooperation essential for organizational effectiveness and high performance. Leaders must also be intentional in building effective community and organizational culture

that reinforces trust, cooperation and collaboration, and provides the architecture for promoting and sustaining psychological safety and engagement.

The sense of community is an organizational imperative, serving both the team and the leader well. For the individual, this means they understand what community they are part of, what their
roles, relationships and responsibilities are in that community, their interdependencies, and the points of cooperation and collaboration that matter most. For the team, a sense of community gives everyone assurance that they are not facing their challenges alone, that others have their back. For the leader, a sense of community gives additional force to his or her leadership and helps to set everyone moving and working towards their shared common goal.

Culture, which is the core determinant of an organization’s brand, enables an understanding
of what the organization stands for, and what differentiates it from its competitors. Culture is the holding environment for community. Culture has a direct impact on performance. It is fundamentally leadership influence, without the immediate presence of the leader, through the implementation of policies, practices and procedures that influence behavior in purposeful ways.

“Without being able to lead with a servant’s heart that cares more about our communities and cultivating healthy, safe environments for teams, we cannot and will not be effective leaders.”

Session process
Session will be highly kinetic in design and include:

  • Short content-based lectures to enhance participant readiness for practical experiences, and applications

  • Numerous individual and learning team kinetic activities

  • Video case discussions

  • Takeaway preparation

  • Action planning process for bridging classroom learning to work context

session outcomes
at the end of the session, participants will:

Understand the leader’s behavior of simplifying, focusing, and building coherence as a sense of identity (brand), are the essential elements in creating a feeling of community that enables engagement and psychological safety.

Understand the core leader behaviors that build culture to include: what leaders measure and attend to, how resources and rewards are allocated, what behaviors are modeled and the effectiveness of the leader development system.

Understand the best practices in enhancing leadership culture.

Understand the power of leveraging a leadership point of view and philosophy to enhance the culture.

Apply these concepts to assess and improve your organizations community and culture.

TUITION: $1,500 per person

  • The program fee covers tuition, books, case materials, and meals

  • A 10% group discount will be provided to companies signing up 3 or more teams at once.


  • 1-day immersive leader development facilitated by expert BDT Institute staff and partners

  • Access to BDT Alumni continued-education program opportunities and events

  • Breakfast and Lunch for your team


  • Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina

  • Atlanta, Georgia

    ** BDT can bring courses to your company location anywhere in the continental U.S. for a custom leadership package.