Self-Awareness: the cornerstone of leadership

Session context

Leadership is fundamentally about three things: the leader, the led, and the situation. Leaders must be self- aware, other-aware and situationally-aware under all conditions in which leadership is required. Becoming an effective leader is a journey that begins with understanding self and understanding your identity as a leader.

Leaders must fundamentally know who they are, and what they stand for—their purpose, their values, their guiding principles—before they can embark on developing authentic relationships with others, building the trust and goodwill is essential for leadership effectiveness, and organizational performance.

This session is focused on creating the learning, reflection, and practice conditions for enhancing self- awareness, building identity-based leadership, and deepening the capacity to lead oneself, as a precursor for leading others.

“Developing your personal leadership philosophy is one of the most important moments of your leadership journey, however most people have never developed their philosophy. How can we be effective leaders if we don’t have our eternal compass clearly set for our true North?”

Session process
Session will be highly kinetic in design and include:

  • Short content-based lectures to enhance participant readiness for practical experiences, and applications

  • Numerous individual and learning team kinetic activities

  • Video case discussions

  • Takeaway preparation

  • Action planning process for bridging classroom learning to work context

session outcomes
at the end of the session, participants will:

Better understand what it means to be a “good” leader.

Better understand their “authentic” selves.

Share crucible experiences that have shaped who they are.

Discern and articulate their personal and organizational vision and purpose.

Discern core values through a values sorting activity.

Translate values into principles of leading, the core of a philosophy of leadership.

Develop a leadership point of view, and begin the process of writing a leadership philosophy.

TUITION: $1,500 per person

  • The program fee covers tuition, books, case materials, and meals

  • A 10% group discount will be provided to companies signing up 3 or more teams at once.


  • 1-day immersive leader development facilitated by expert BDT Institute staff and partners

  • Access to BDT Alumni continued-education program opportunities and events

  • Breakfast and Lunch for your team


  • Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina

  • Atlanta, Georgia

    ** BDT can bring courses to your company location anywhere in the continental U.S. for a custom leadership package.