The core Bee Team

From a Forbes 30 Under 30 Founder, to a beekeeper with a PhD in Higher Education, to a retired U.S. Army Colonel who’s an expert in Leader Development, don’t let the name “Bee Team” fool you. We’ve got the best of the best ready to help you and your team learn to lead efficiently and effectively; just like a bee hive.


Leigh-Kathryn Bonner
Founder/CEO, BDT Institute


Paul van de putte
COO, BDT Institute


Colonel Joseph LeBoeuf
Curriculum Creation and implementation


Benjamin Dictus
PhD Higher Education and
Lead beekeeper

A good beekeeper is an enabler of the natural capacity of the bees to do their good work. A good leader is an enabler of the natural capacity of their teams to do just the same.
— Colonel Joseph Leboeuf