Building Trust: the “sine qua non” of leader effectiveness

Session context

Trust and self-awareness are essentially the prerequisites of creating and cultivating high performance teams. Leadership is fundamentally a communicative relationship that generates trust and goodwill, and is the core enabler of high performance teams and building community that enhances psychological safety and engagement.

Trust is a relationship-based effect of the leader’s capacity to demonstrate care, concern, compassion, understanding, respect and fairness for every member of their team, and organization. This capacity begins with leader self-awareness, which enables the leader to engage authentically and become “other-aware” through a capacity to build enduring relationships.

Trust-based relationships are crucial to organizational effectiveness and performance, and these relationships are built intentionally, one person at a time.

“trust is finite. We are constantly using up the trust we have earned from others every day. If that trust is not constantly replenished and intentionally rebuilt, our relationships and effectiveness will begin to crumble.

Session process
Session will be highly kinetic in design and include:

  • Short content-based lectures to enhance participant readiness for practical experiences, and applications

  • Numerous individual and learning team kinetic activities

  • Video case discussions

  • Takeaway preparation

  • Action planning process for bridging classroom learning to work context

session outcomes
at the end of the session, participants will:

Be able to describe trust, and understand why trust matters.

Understand the impact of trust, or lack of trust, on individual behavior, and team and organizational performance.

Understand the concepts of diversity and inclusion, and their importance as part of the trust-building process that enables high-performing teams and effective organizational performance.

Understand the core leader behaviors associated with trust: demonstrating care, concern, understanding, respect and fairness through the lens of diversity and inclusion.

Assess participant’s individual and organizational trust, and apply trust concepts to improve the levels of trust.

Apply the leader behaviors to practice building trust.

TUITION: $1,500 per person

  • The program fee covers tuition, books, case materials, and meals

  • A 10% group discount will be provided to companies signing up 3 or more teams at once.

Building trust INCLUDES:

  • 1-day immersive leader development facilitated by expert BDT Institute staff and partners

  • Access to BDT Alumni continued-education program opportunities and events

  • Breakfast and Lunch for your team


  • Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina

  • Atlanta, Georgia

    ** BDT can bring courses to your company location anywhere in the continental U.S. for a custom leadership package.